About the Triton Project

About me

Hi, my name is Graham Atlee, I'm 21 years old, and for the past 3 years I’ve been working extensively on augmented reality projects. I like to work on the full-blown HMD AR interfaces that belong in sci-fi movies. It is my passion and goal to create a revolutionary new interface akin to that of the mouse and the multi-touch display.

Why I created Triton

I loved the open-source initiative that was taken by Leap Motion to release the North Star specification. I've have independently worked on the North Star Project for nearly a year creating open source apps with Pumori.io. While I learned a lot from that I decided it was time to work on something new.

I decided to build my own 3d printed AR headset under the name of the Triton Project. My mission with the Triton Project is to continue to propel an open ecosystem and help inspire others to start their own augmented reality projects.

How the Triton Project was built:

  1. Building The Triton Project Part 1
  2. Building the Triton Project Part 2
  3. Building the Triton Project Part 3

Contact me:

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My other projects:

  1. Pumori
  2. Behance profile - conceptual AR work